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Customer Frequently Ask Questions?

  • BACHATWALA is a revolutionary platform with more than a million local and international brands and stores offering huge discounts on their products and services. Customers can avail discount offers through BACHATWALA's user-friendly PIN system. Once they register, they can use their PIN number to get discounts from any merchant registered on BACHATWALA.

    Read more on why BACHATWALA is the biggest ‘Bachat Bazaar’ in Pakistan.

  • You can register for a BACHATWALA Membership by:

    Buying a BACHATWALA Scratch Card from your nearest retail store (Rs 100, 500 or 1000 denomination card) or

    Write SMS 100, 500 or 1,000 and send it to 9903, in reply you will receive a token number, to confirm your membership, pay against the token number at any mobile payment service provider.
    Once paid, your mobile number is registered as your membership number and you can start availing discounts.

    Per month membership charges are Rs.100/- for unlimited discounts.

  • Upon registration, every customer receives a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Customers use this PIN to avail discounts on the millions of brands registered with BACHATWALA. The Customers Mobile Number is their PIN Code.

    Note: The PIN code remains the same for every brand. Customers use the same PIN code to get discounts from different merchants.

  • The customer pays a visit to the merchant and after shopping or utilizing the services, he / she provides her unique PIN Code to the merchant.

    The Merchant enters the pin code in the Customer Discount Area to validate / verify the customer credentials.

    Once the customer details are successfully validated, the merchant then selects the type of discount he is authorized to offer and provides the discounted bill to the customer.


  • BACHATWALA has created a hassle-free & simple process to avail discounts by any merchant registered on our website. Here’s what you need to do:

    Get registered from any of the aforementioned methods. Save your PIN code so you can use it when shopping.

    Shop at any of our registered stores as much as you want. Give your PIN code to the cashier when paying the bill.

    The cashier will use the PIN code to provide you with the offered discount on your TOTAL BILL.

    You will get a confirmation notification in your account area whether or not you have availed the discount.

  • BACHATWALA not only offers huge discounts on products but it also allows customers to participate in activities to earn points. These points can be redeemed for huge prizes. Prizes are updated on our website regularly. Customers can check their tasks and the prizes against them.

  • No worries! Simply call our 24/7 customer support and we will provide you your PIN code.

  • Currently, BACHATWALA discounts are only applicable on cash payments. Customers are encouraged to pay for their shopping via cash in order to avail BACHATWALA discounts from merchants.

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