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Merchant Frequently Ask Questions?

  • BACHATWALA is a revolutionary platform with more than a million local and international brands and stores offering huge discounts on their products and services. Customers can avail discount offers through BACHATWALA's user-friendly PIN system. Once they register, they can use their PIN number to get discounts from any merchant registered on BACHATWALA.

    Click here to read more about BACHATWALA.

  • Merchants can register on BACHATWALA through the following methods:

    Website: Register via BACHATWALA's merchant sign up form. Click here to sign up.

    Mobile App: Download BACHATWALA's mobile app and register your account. Click here to download mobile app.

    On Call: Merchant can also call BACHATWALA Support Team to get their accounts created on call. The support team will provide merchants with their account passwords and all the other necessary details to operate BACHATWALA. Call BACHATWALA Support on 021-3713-1313

  • BACHATWALA offers numerous benefits and unique features to merchants that no other online platform in Pakistan does. Here’s a sneak-peek of the plethora of benefits you can get by registering on BACHATWALA:

    Be Advertised on Pakistan’s Number 1 News Channel Bol News:

    BACHATWALA is the brainchild of Bol Network – Pakistan’s largest media with an outreach of more than a billion local and international viewers. Bol News runs transmissions in multiple languages; hence expanding its reach to every nook and corner of Pakistan.

    When merchants sign up with BACHATWALA, they are advertised on Bol News without any additional cost. In other words, merchants save millions of rupees annually on their advertisement budgets. Not only on Bol News, merchants are also advertised on Bol Entertainment and other channels that the media group owns.

    Be a Part of Pakistan’s Largest Online Presence

    Merchants registered on BACHATWALA re advertised heavily via Bol News & Bol Entertainment’s social media accounts and Google accounts. With millions of social media followers on our channels, and highly experienced digital marketers onboard, your business is advertised through organic and paid online mediums to maximize its reach. Hence, you save millions in digital marketing cost yet expand your business.

    Be Displayed to Millions of Unique Visitors Daily

    BACHATWALA receives more than a million unique visitors every day. Your brand is displayed to these visitors without any advertisement fee.

  • Upon registration, every customer receives a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Customers use this PIN to avail discounts on the millions of brands registered with BACHATWALA.

    Note: The PIN code remains the same for every brand. Customers use the same PIN code to get discounts from different merchants.

  • Every merchant that registers on BACHATWALA is required to provide a certain percentage of discount. The minimum discount a merchant can offer is 10%. The higher your discount is, the more sales you are expected to make!

  • When merchants register on BACHATWALA, they are required to give a certain percentage of their total sales via BACHATWALA as commission. The higher the commission, the higher the merchant will rank in featured discounts.

  • Merchants can provide discounts to customers via the following two methods:

    Method 1: Through Merchant Account Area

    The customer pays a visit to the merchant and after shopping or utilizing the services, he / she provides her unique PIN Code to the merchant.

    The Merchant enters the pin code in the Customer Discount Area to validate / verify the customer credentials.

    Once the customer details are successfully validated, the merchant then selects the type of discount he is authorized to offer and provides the discounted bill to the customer.


    Method 2: Through Customer’s Mobile Phone

    The customer visits the merchant and after shopping or utilizing the services, enters the total bill onto his / her cell phone equipped with the BACHATWALA discount interface.

    Once done, the customer hands over his / her device to the customer who validates it by entering his unique Pin Code.

    Upon successfully entering the details, the merchant provides the customer with the discounted price, thus closing the deal.

  • After signing up with BACHATWALA, every merchant gets an account area.

    The account area has a ‘Post Sales’ page.

    The Post Sales page allows the merchant to enter the total bill with the discount percentage already being displayed as agreed by the merchant when signing up.

    Merchant enters total bill of the customer and the discounted bill is automatically calculated.

  • For enhanced management, BACHATWALA allows every merchant to have as many cashier accounts they want. Here’s how to create cashier accounts:

    Go to Post Sales page.

    Click on ‘Create a Cashier’ link.

    Enter email address and name of the cashier.

    Cashier will receive an email with a link to the account area.

    That’s it! Cashier can now start posting sales on your behalf.

  • No. Cashier can only post sales on your behalf and view sales report of sales posted by him/her only.

  • Yes. By going to the Sales page, you can view your complete Sales Report. You can sort the data via cashier name. Each sale will have a cashier name against it.

  • BACHATWALA's system is unique and highly user-friendly. We don’t have any separate advertisement module but you can exponentially increase your sales by one of the following methods:

    - Featured Discounts (Recommended): Increase your commission to BACHATWALA and be ranked higher as a featured merchant.

    Highest Discounts: Increase your discount to customers to rank highest in the Highest Discounts category.

    Popular Discounts: Use one of our social media templates to spread the word. The more sales you make, the higher your ranking goes!

  • Currently, BACHATWALA discounts are only applicable on cash payments. Customers are encouraged to pay for their shopping via cash in order to avail BACHATWALA discounts from merchants.

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